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Believe it or not, I’m actually sitting at Starbucks with a cold cup of coffee. Not lukewarm, but cold. The kind you have to throw out because it’s not even the slightest bit palatable. I want to blame this on the cold temperature but honestly, it has more to do with me letting it sit too long.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the cup of coffee life gives us — inspiration so to speak, that we let sit and get cold.We are constantly in the notion of waiting on things to happen, the right time to appear, or for luck…

Things to be mindful of when you’re stuck in the rut

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I’m at a stumbling block in my life where I’m not sure about quite a few things.

Frankly, uncertainty is scary, especially to those like myself who seek to have control over as much as possible. It’s a work in progress; this learning to unlearn and relinquish control over the things that aren’t in my power.

In the interim, I’ve been trying to befriend uncertainty because I have a feeling we’ll be in each other’s company more than I hope for throughout this life.

I’ve been asking beyond the small talk questions. Like what makes it so unbearable for us…

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Beauty doesn’t fade, society’s perception of it does.

The early 2000s were famous for bright makeup and different hairstyles than those popularized today. However, there was a change in between then and now that raises the question as to what it was and how did it happen?

It’s safe to say that someday we all didn’t wake up and magically changed our minds that these looks no longer appealed to us. Over time society has shown that what’s in today can easily be out of style tomorrow.

Looks are recycled, and it’s not unfamiliar territory to see something that was once in fashion become outdated only to return…

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Quieting the mind leads to productivity.

Have you ever had those days when your mind starts up and running as soon as you awake? I’m not talking about productive energy, but the kind that brings a soundless noise that fogs your thoughts.

The moments of solitude from slumber are fleeting the instant your feet touch the ground. There’s breakfast to prepare, a work schedule that feels already behind, and activities that outnumber the hours you have available.

The mind can seem to be operating on overdrive before you can even get a head-start on the tasks ahead.

What Clouds Our Thoughts?

When we think about what feels like a cluttered…

The flights may not be possible, but the learning experience can still take place.

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It’s safe to say that this year there were more canceled flights than there has been in a long time. The impact of this has only been felt economically on airline companies but through the missing family and friends’ contact.

Now more than ever, many of us are also denied the learning experience that accompanies travel.

At the start of the year, I decided that my travel should be purpose-filled. I recently received my ancestry DNA results, and I knew that those places on that list were now a priority to visit.

Traveling to new places, especially those outside of…

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Starting is easy, sticking to it is where the challenge lies.

When I was eight years old, I decided I wanted to start playing tennis, so my parents signed me up for lessons. Every Saturday, I would gather my racket, lace my sneakers up, and head to a tennis court nearby for practice.

After a couple of years of practice, I decided that I wanted my Saturdays to myself. The combination of high school work and a social life with hours of tennis just wasn’t it for me anymore, and so I convinced my parents to let me stop.

A few months after, I began to miss it, and I returned…

The first step is acceptance.

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I fall alongside the millions of people who made plans earlier this year that are suddenly halted. There were celebrations to attend, places to visit, friends to see, and life to move along its natural progression as it always does.

If there is anything 2020 has delivered on is the surety that events are uncertain and circumstances are sometimes beyond our control. Maybe this explains why some see no benefit in a plan for the future and take life one day at a time.

If you’re like me, however, you want to plan and set goals that you can not…

Want to show up as your best self? It may be time to implement boundaries.

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We all hear it during a plane’s pre-flight safety briefing, “put your mask on first before assisting others.” I remember being younger and thinking that if I’m sitting close to my loved ones, making sure they were okay would be my first instinct.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized the reason behind the advice.

You see, sometimes we can get caught up in wanting to help others without being present for ourselves. The repercussion of this is that you won’t have much to give if you’re running on empty.

Overextending yourself and not paying close attention to where your energy…

The simple things are your blessings

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One day you’re thinking about how you’ll make it through the school semester, and the next you’re figuring out how to file your taxes.

Welcome to adulthood.

Life comes at you fast. Although there are the many things that may occupy your thoughts: a career, finances, relationships, family and the list goes on, there are a few things that may sometimes be overlooked that shouldn’t be.

When your focus shifts from what you do have to what you don’t, it may be time for a gratitude check. There are things in your life that can bring you joy in the…

How to control the way you respond to situations and the media in times of uncertainty

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The people who check the news immediately when they awake on mornings have a mental strength that I admire. It seems that every day, the news is getting worse.

There’s always something going wrong in the world and because it’s the television networks’ job to keep the mass population glued to the screen, they do a great job at it. I believe we have the option of being informed but also the power of not allowing the news to control us entirely.

With the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, on the rise so has been the media coverage and consequently our fear…

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